How to Get Clarity From a Guy You’re Dating or Who Is Flirting With You


You and your spouse, though separate individuals, are living together, moving along the same path with the same goals. While God is the true source of our comfort and reliance, there is an added feeling of security in marriage that singleness does not have. Roommate turnover is a very real and exhausting life stage that can be perpetuated far longer than any single was ever hoping or wanting it to. The thing is, we were never meant to live this life alone.

And this means not just saying it, but doing it. The married should purposely reach out to the singles.


Singleness Is Not A Gift. Choosing A Spiritual Leader. My Savior My Spouse?

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Typical Incorrect Conservative Christian Assumption: If you want marriage bad enough, Mr. The key thing to do before talking to your crush is to pray before you step into the next level of a relationship and ask God if this is the person for you.

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  7. So, Which Is Harder, Marriage or Singleness? (via Relevant magazine) – Christian Pundit.

Next, always start a relationship off as a friendship. Once that foundation is set, and you have a mutual understanding of who you both are genuinely, then let the guy lead.

So, Which Is Harder, Marriage or Singleness? (via Relevant magazine)

Also remember to not give away girlfriend rights or privileges to him, especially if he is not treating you properly or asking you out. Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

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  • This can open the door for him to express himself and you can see where his heart is. The Bible says in Jeremiah Who really knows how bad it is?

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    Any help is appreciated. We have to have a relationship of trust with Him. Thank you so much, Melodie! It gets really tough sometimes but I will try your advice.

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    Blessings to you, too, dear! Just curious, Ana… How did the last year go for you? I hope that God gave you peace about what you posted here. Have a beautiful This was great advice.

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    Hope you and your family have a very happy and blessed New Year. Looking forward to hearing more from you, and God taking you to higher levels in him in the coming New Year. Pray for the will of God over your life, relationships, career and every area concerning your life. You can find them here: Talking to women can be hard, but talking to God and getting any kind of response is… much harder, in my experience.

    Actually, I have never managed to do it.